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Lulu's Virtual Acts

During the hiatus from live performances in 2020 and into 2021, Lulu created and filmed many new acts to feature in online burlesque shows. Below is a summary of these creations. Please contact Lulu if you are interested in including any of these acts in your virtual shows. Thank you for visiting Lulu's Virtual Acts Library.

LULU - virtual library - thumbnail - somebody rev.PNG


Created 5/2020

"SOMEBODY" is Lulu's tribute to Whitesnake rock videos of the 80s. BANKS' sultry cover of the well-known Aaliyah song serenades throughout this "reverse strip," following Lulu as she prepares for a first date. Chairlesque and a sexy garage scene conclude this most successful night-out scenario. Cameo by Mr. La Femme's classic RX-8.


Created 7/2020

"CHEW" is a cosplay of the Adventure Time character, Princess Bubblegum.  This act was filmed in one take in a quirky, outdoor Candy Kingdom set. The classic Ella Fitzgerald tune gives it a swinging vibe. (There are two versions of this act! This is the original. A live version was reimagined as "Bubblegum Bondage" and is not available in virtual format.)

LULU - virtual library - thumbnail - bubblegum rev.PNG
LULU - virtual library - thumbnail - pretty lady.jpg


Created 8/2020

Lulu filmed "Pretty Lady" on her new outdoor stage. This upbeat and joyous Tash Sultana tune set the mood for a fun and light performance. "Pretty Lady" is also available with a short dance tutorial preceding the performance piece for audience participation. This act concludes with a lyrical silk veil fan dance. 


Created 9/2020

"Heartbreak Hotel" is a cinematic reimagining of one of  Lulu's favorite acts, and tribute to AHS's beloved character, The Countess. The haunting cover by Heidi Feek is ideal for the dark and unsettling imagery, complete with opening credits to the AHS theme. [Trigger warning: blood and disturbing images throughout.]

LULU - virtual library - thumbnail - heartbreak.jpg
LULU - virtual library - thumbnail - watching you.PNG


Created 10/2020

A tribute to the Alfred Hitchcock movie "Rear Window, " Lulu retells this voyeuristic tale through her own spying eyes. A reproduction Grace Kelly gown with vintage-camera-inspired underbits, and some interesting props,  help to recreate many of the shining (and flashing) moments of this cult classic film.  Bre Lovett's creepy cover of "Every Breath You Take" perfectly captures the distressing storyline.  Cameo by Mr. La Femme.



Created 11/2020

"Blue Ice" is a melancholy journey into loneliness and longing. Filmed outdoors in dark, cold forest scenery on the night of a full moon, this sultry, slow and emotional act pulls you into the sorrow. A lovely lighted cloud prop illuminates the night as a symbol of just how far loss can ultimately reach. The song, "Cold" by Annie Lennox.

LLF - Blue Ice cover.jpg
LULU - virtual library - thumbnail - tea.jpg


Created 11/2020

As part of the ensemble cast of the "Nutcracker Noir" produced by Belly Set Go*, "Tea for Two" was filmed in a studio setting by Jo Boring. Doris Day vibes abound in the classic costuming, with this popular dance orchestra tune. Innocent with a splash of naughty will be sure to bring a smile to your face. Tea anyone? 

*Special permission required to feature.


Created 1/2021

Lulu combined her love of writing with her passion for burlesque in this unique and empowering act.  Reciting her original poem, "Unbound" along with images of her personal altar, and a creative, original costume design incorporating fire and breaking of bonds, it is statement of the power in claiming your own majesty.  One version includes a releasing spell, with step-by-step instructions. Song, "Yellow Flicker Beat" by Lorde.

LULU - virtual library - thumbnail - limitless rev2.PNG
LULU - virtual library - thumbnail - naked rev.PNG


Created 2/2021

"Naked" first debuted on stage at VALENTEASE in 2019. It's another favorite of Lulu's (and Mr. La Femme) and so she jumped at the chance to rework it for virtual. A private bedroom dance sesh "in sweatpants and vans," morning-lit, "Naked" is a display of self-love and acceptance. The finale is an actual naked snow-angel. Song by Ella Mai (remix).


Created 3/2021

It's become a pattern in Lulu's burlesque journey, for her to create one uncharacteristic and super silly act each year. So when Creatrix announced her new Star Wars tribute show, Lulu jumped at the chance to portray her personal favorite creature, Jawa. Join Lulu for a garbage-humping, refuse-rolling, and good clean, I mean dirty TIME! Song "I Love Trash" by Steven Tyler. 

LULU - virtual library - thumbnail - trash.PNG
LULU - virtual library - thumbnail - cherry .PNG


Created 6/2021

Embracing her 80s roots, Lulu recreated her "Cherry Bomb" act for SCB's FEAST YOUR EYES show using neon (**flashing**) effects and granite countertops. A club mix of the classic rock tune keeps the energy electric throughout. Interesting angles and graphics abound, too. Maybe life is a bowl of cherries!


Created 7/2021

Lulu didn't let the daunting challenge of diving into the complex character, Beatrix Kiddo of Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2 dissuade her from a valiant attempt. Filmed by Jo Boring at the versatile Belly Set Go! studios, this tribute captures the many phases of the "Bloody Bride" - from hopeful mother to vengeful assassin. Cosplay costume and props, with a mashup of music by Kill_mR_DJ: Zedd "True Colors," Nancy Sinatra "Bang Bang" and Hozier's "Take Me to Church." (Blood effects in black and white.)

LULU - virtual library - thumbnail - bri

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