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Burlesque on a Budget: Great Makers Resource Guide

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

While CHEAP FRILLS : Burlesque on a Budget mainly focuses on frugal shopping tips and DIY projects and ways to save money and still look fabulous on stage, I believe there is definitely a time to invest in quality pieces made by creative artisans who are experts at what they do! I call these talented individuals : "Great Makers."

I have personally purchased from all of these incredible businesses, and I highly recommend their creations. When possible, I will include budget-friendly* options in a variety of price ranges.

*My new business Burly Box (www.lululafemme.com/lulu-s-burly-box) is focused on supporting small business, artists and makers, and it is our mission to compensate these creatives fairly and fully for their expertise and time. Please be sure to consider their skill, high quality materials and labor when making purchasing decisions. This being said, Great Makers Resource Guide may include items in higher price ranges (when compared to off-the-shelf or imported items on Amazon, or overly-competitive, too-low pricing on Etsy), however it is important to evaluate the quality and expertise inherent in these items and support the makers in a fair way. Thank you.


modministrymerch (https://www.etsy.com/shop/modministrymerch) : Custom harnesses, bottoms, tops, suits, sets, chokers, hats, color options

Price range: $5-$87

Custom sizing available; some items are adjustable; rush for $$

New Item: Witch's Hats!

Lulu's Thoughts: These are a great option when you need custom color/combinations but budget is a priority. Considerations: Elastic is thin and light and can crease/bend; and the cotton fabric is unlined, so extra heavy rhinestoning or substantial appliques are not recommended. Be sure to plan ahead if requesting custom colors or sizing. Great customer service and reasonable turn-around!

Left to right: (cage panties) Lucas Adrian Photo; (harness suit) Brian Jackson; (adjustable harness bottoms) Blue Lion; (harness top and bottoms and pasties) deadheART Photo.


BURLUXE (https://www.etsy.com/shop/DelilahBurlesque ) : custom stage wear, panties, thongs, harnesses, tops, shimmy belts, panel skirts, gauntlets, pasties

Price range: $5-$255.

Custom sizing; tons of color options; high quality materials; all items made especially for performers; rush for $$

Lulu's Thoughts: While these items are priced a bit higher, Delilah is a burlesque performer herself, and creates pieces that will support all kinds of embellishing and last throughout numerous performances. She has TONS of color and material options and her customer service is impeccable.

Clockwise from top left (BURLUXE items are all panties & the harness): Lulu's Room; All others: Blue Lion Photo.


LePetit Couturier : Harlow Holiday (harlowholidayburlesque@gmail.com): custom headpieces, hair flowers, pasties, embellishment projects

Price range: Determined by project scope.

Harlow will work with you to design your ideal piece in your price range. Attention to detail, high quality materials.

Rows Left to Right from top: Floral headpiece (Michael Grace-Martin Photography); corset embellishments (deadheART Photo); earrings & hair flower (Michael Grace-Martin Photography); Countess headpiece (Blue Lion Photo); yellow hair flower (feather trim added); fascinator embellishments (Blue Lion Photo); black hair flower; bird-of-paradise tropical headpiece; tiki hair flowers (Sweet Heart Pin Up); red hair flower (Sweet Heart Pin Up); white orchid (Steve Friedman Photography, MUAH Cherry Doll).


Evil Embellishments (https://www.etsy.com/shop/evilembellishments): pasties, earrings, fan staves, beadwork, custom embellishment. Price range: to be posted.

Kitty is currently taking a short break! Be sure to check out her Etsy shop and sign up to receive an email notification when she returns. And in the meantime, look at her Instagram to see her incredible work!

Evil Embellishments on Instagram

Burly Box also has some gorgeous Evil Embellishment pasties available for purchase!

Top Image: Evil Embellishments pasties on Burly Box: https://www.lululafemme.com/product-page/pasties-by-evil-embellishments

Bottom Image: Evil Embellishments Diamond-Shaped Tassel Pasties in action; Image by Lucas Adrian Photo.


If you have any questions about the above Makers or specific items, please comment and I'm happy to provide any answers regarding my personal experiences.

I am NOT being compensated for any of the above statements, comments, or reviews. I have NOT received any complimentary products, payment, or commissions of any kind in exchange for the things written in this post.

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