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Spirituality and Self-Care for Showgirls: Re-Framing the "Glitter Crash" PART ONE

We've all heard of it, and most of us have experienced the dreaded "Glitter Crash": an emotional and physical plunge into depression resulting from the extensive preparation and ultimate exhilaration of finally performing our act on stage to thunderous applause.

I suppose it makes sense that following weeks, if not months of planning, creating, choreographing and preparing a new burlesque act, and then the emotional roller coaster of show-day, including nerves, anxiety, and often "imposter syndrome", culminating in a crescendo of endorphins spurred on by fellow-performers' hype in the green room, hoots and hollers of encouragement and elation from the audience once finally on stage, and the extreme and inevitable release thereafter, that one might experience a drop of sorts. Yes? Makes sense... But often, if not always, this "drop" develops into a dangerous spiral into deep depression for many performers.

As a brand new performer, somewhat disconnected from the burlesque community, and someone who struggled with depression and anxiety on a daily basis already, I was not prepared to experience this phenomenon when I debuted in May 2018. Even months later, when I realized there was actually a name for what I had gone through, and that it is considered "normal" in performing artists' circles, I was unable to adequately prepare for, or ease, the effects of "Glitter Crash." Even now, the effects of "Glitter Crash" knock me down for days, even weeks, proving that no measure of anticipation seems to dampen its negative and devastating influence.

Often, I try to jump right into the next project, glossing over the fact that my mind, body, and soul are urging me to take some needed rest in order to process the intensity to grow and heal and thrive.

How do you combat the effects of "Glitter Crash"?

Lately, I've wondered if there may be a way to embrace these sensations, rather than fear them, and that by doing so, we might allow ourselves the space to fully recover physically, emotionally, and mentally from the powerful effects of the performance experience. And this lead me to create the Glitter REST Self-Care Kit.

The Glitter REST Self-Care Kit is my answer to the question: How can I reframe "Glitter Crash" into a healing and beneficial period of rest and reprieve. Glitter REST addresses these areas, specifically:

  • Physical rejuvenation: healing tea, ritual bathing, skin and hair treatments

  • Spiritual soothing: aromatherapy candle and guided meditation

  • Mental reflection and processing: journal to record thoughts, desires, goals, anything related to the experience

I invite you to create your own Glitter REST Kit! Gathering items ahead of performance time, pre-scheduling a massage appointment, or setting aside time for self-pampering or rest in the days following a show, festival or conference, will ensure you are well-prepared and committed to devote necessary time to your recovery and healing. The act of placing these items in a special and beautiful container or basket, or even a specific drawer in your vanity, further assures your intention to dedicate time and resources toward your restoration. It may actually become a period of time we anticipate, instead of fear!

What will you include in your Glitter REST Kit? Tell me in the comments.

Quick Reference:

Glitter REST: Areas to Address




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