FALL ‘21 BURLY BOX FEATURES HORROR-ESQUE ITEMS-not for the faint of heart!


FALL '21 MUSE: Red Rum Performance Art

SPONSOR: Silk Naturals

Makers: Red Rum Performance Art, Lulu La Femme, Psychobelle Boutique, Jazzelle's Herbal Healing, The Naughty Printmaker, Tino Lopez, Quinn Singer


“Just a Fling" One-Time Purchase


You want it all and Burly Box is here to deliver! Burly Box is bursting at the seams with burlesque, glamour, instruction and entertainment. Enjoy exquisite accessories, custom artwork, sensual scents, and more!


Included in Burly Box:


*1-2 Premium Items*


2-3 $$$-$$ Items


1-3 $ Item(s)


1-2 “Burlesque Experiences”




Fall '21 Boxes will begin to ship October 1st.*


*Please allow 7-10 days from date of order for your custom item to be created.